In this paper we will demonstrate new approaches for failure analysis of memory devices with multiple stacked dies and TSV interconnects. Therefore, TSV specific failure modes are studied on daisy chain test samples. Two analysis flows for defect localization implementing Electron Beam Induced Current (EBAC) imaging and Lock-in-Thermography (LIT) as well as adapted Focused Ion Beam (FIB) preparation and defect characterization by electron microscopy will be discussed. The most challenging failure mode is an electrical short at the TSV sidewall isolation with sub-micrometer dimensions. It is shown that the leakage path to a certain TSV within the stack can firstly be located by applying LIT to a metallographic cross section and secondly pinpointing by FIB/SEM cross-sectioning. In order to evaluate the potential of non-destructive determination of the lateral defect position, as well as the defect depth from only one LIT measurement, 2D thermal simulations of TSV stacks with artificial leakages are performed calculating the phase shift values per die level.

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