Laser-assisted device alteration (LADA) is an established technique used to identify critical speed paths in integrated circuits. LADA can reveal the physical location of a speed path, but not the timing of the speed path. This paper describes the root cause analysis benefits of 1064nm time resolved LADA (TR-LADA) with a picosecond laser. It shows several examples of how picosecond TR-LADA has complemented the existing fault isolation toolset and has allowed for quicker resolution of design and manufacturing issues. The paper explains how TR-LADA increases the LADA localization resolution by eliminating the well interaction, provides the timing of the event detected by LADA, indicates the propagation direction of the critical signals detected by LADA, allows the analyst to infer the logic values of the critical signals, and separates multiple interactions occurring at the same site for better understanding of the critical signals.

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