A single power amplifier-duplexer device was submitted by a customer for analysis. The device was initially considered passing when tested against the production test. However, further electrical testing suggested that the device was stuck in a single power mode for a particular frequency band at cold temperatures only. This paper outlines the systematic isolation of a parasitic Schottky diode formed by a base contactcollector punch through process defect that pulled down the input of a NOR gate leading to the incorrect logic state. Note that this parasitic Schottky diode is parallel to the basecollector junction. It was observed that the logic failure only manifested at colder temperatures because the base contact only slightly diffused into the collector layer. Since the difference in the turn-on voltages between the base-collector junction and the parasitic Schottky diode increases with decreasing temperature, the effect of the parasitic diode is only noticeable at lower temperatures.

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