In this paper we show an efficient workflow that combines Magnetic Field Imaging (MFI) and Dual Beam Plasma Focused Ion Beam (DB-PFIB) for fast and efficient Fault Isolation and root cause analysis in 2.5/3D devices. The work proves MFI is the best method for Electric Fault Isolation (EFI) of short failures in 2.5/3D Through Silicon Via (TSV) triple stacked devices in a true non-destructive way by imaging the current path. To confirm the failing locations and to do Physical Failure Analysis (PFA), a DB-PFIB system was used for cross sectioning and volume analysis of the TSV structures and high resolution imaging of the identified defects. With a DB-PFIB, the fault is exposed and analyzed without any sample prep artifacts seen in mechanical polishing or laser preparation techniques and done in a considerably shorter amount of time than that required when using a traditional Gallium Focused Ion Beam (FIB).

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