This paper presents the successful use of the novel inline product-like logic vehicle (PATO) during the last technology development phases of IBM's 22nm SOI technology node. It provides information on the sequential PATO inline test flow, commonality analysis procedure, and commonality signature trending. The paper presents examples of systematic defects uniquely captured by the product-like back end of the line layout. Moreover, this complex logic vehicle also uncovered a rich Pareto of more than 20 types of systematic and random defect mechanisms across the front end of the line, the middle end of the line, and the back end of the line. And more importantly, the non-defect found rate was kept below 20%. This achievement was possible by: leveraging high volume inline test ATPG scan fail data through the novel commonality analysis approach; and selecting the highest ATPG confidence defects representing a known commonality signature to physical failure analysis.

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