In this paper, we revealed p+/n-well and n+/p-well junction characteristic changes caused by electron beam (EB) irradiation. Most importantly, we found a device contact side junction characteristic is relatively sensitive to EB irradiation than its whole device characteristic; an order of magnitude excess current appears at low forward bias region after 1kV EB acceleration voltage irradiation (Vacc). Furthermore, these changes were well interpreted by our Monte Carlo simulation results, the Shockley-Read Hall (SRH) model and the Generation-Recombination (G-R) center trap theory. In addition, four essential examining items were suggested and proposed for EB irradiation damage origins investigation and evaluation. Finally, by taking advantage of the excess current phenomenon, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) passive voltage contrast (PVC) fault localization application at n-FET region was also demonstrated.

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