Gallium focused ion beams (Ga-FIB) have been used historically in the semiconductor industry for failure analysis, as well as circuit edit. However, in spite of the best of these efforts, as integrated circuit dimensions continue to shrink, Ga-FIB induced processes are being driven to their physical limits. The main purpose of this paper is to report the helium and neon ion beams' induced chemistry, including metal deposition, dielectric deposition, and chemically enhanced etching. Two simple examples are shown as proofs of concept demonstrating gas field ion source (GFIS) development for circuit edit applications. The paper summarizes the general utility of helium and neon ion beams for metal deposition, dielectric deposition, and sputtering and etching processes, and discusses some of the technical challenges associated with current GFIS technology. Using GFIS ion beams, it has been observed that the top and buried metal lines can be cut precisely and then reconnected.

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