Most Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) units returned by customers for failure analysis are mounted on PCB modules with an epoxy underfill coating. The biggest challenge in failure analysis is the sample preparation to remove the WLCSP device from the PCB without inducing any mechanical defect. This includes the removal of the underfill material to enable further electrical verification and fault isolation analysis. This paper discusses the evaluations conducted in establishing the WLCSP demounting process and removal of the epoxy underfill coating. Combinations of different sample preparation techniques and physical failure analysis steps were evaluated. The established process enabled the electrical verification, fault isolation and further destructive analysis of WLCSP customer returns mounted on PCB and with an epoxy underfill coating material. This paper will also showcase some actual full failure analysis of WLCSP customer returns where the established process played a vital role in finding the failure mechanism.

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