Metal and dielectric depositions using Xe+ plasma FIB tools are reported and comparisons are made to depositions performed with conventional Ga+ FIB tools. Xe+-deposited Pt had a resistivity of 1250 ± 360 μΩ·cm, similar to the typical range of 1000-2000 μΩ·cm reported for Ga+-deposited Pt. Xe+-deposited dielectric depositions using HMCHS/O2 precursors had an average resistivity of 1.27 x 1019 μΩ·cm (at ± 10V electrical bias), compared to a resistivity of 1.05 x 1014 μΩ·cm for similar Ga+-deposited dielectric films. A comparison between HMCHS/O2 and TMCTS/O2 dielectric depositions was performed for Ga+ systems, and the HMCHS/O2 depositions were found to be orders of magnitude more resistive than the TMCTS/O2 depositions. The experimental difficulties associated with measuring extremely high-resistance films are also briefly discussed.

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