This paper presents the electrical model of an NMOS transistor in 90nm technology under 1064nm Photoelectric Laser Stimulation. The model was built and tuned from measurements made on test structures and from the results of physical simulation using Finite Element Modeling (TCAD). The latter is a useful tool in order to understand and correlate the effects seen by measurement by given a physical insight of carrier generation and transport in devices. This electrical model enables to simulate the effect of a continuous laser wave on an NMOS transistor by taking into account the laser’s parameters (i.e. spot size and power), spatial parameters (i.e. the spot location and the NMOS’ geometry) and the NMOS’ bias. It offers a significant gain of time for experiment processes and makes it possible to build 3D photocurrent cartographies generated by the laser on the NMOS, in order to predict its response independently of the laser beam location.

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