New semiconductor chip technologies and technologies for 3D integration require information’s of packaging and interface defects in 3 dimensions, that means the lateral dimension of the defect and the location inside the device or package must be defined. In this paper, new methodical approaches for non destructive failure analysis on 3D integrated TSV samples are introduced. The concepts combine improved scanning acoustic microscopy (SAM) imaging hardware with unique software solutions for defect identification and quantitative analysis of mechanical properties using scanning acoustic investigations. In case of MEMS 3D integration, e.g. based on direct bonding, related interface defects must be investigated by SAM. With respect to 3D integration applications, the potential of recent SAM improvements applying specifically adapted hardware and custom-made signal processing algorithms will be discussed. Examples of SAM-based failure detection techniques for the application in 3D integration are demonstrated. New technologies are shown to improve the through put of fully wafer scanning using scanning acoustic microscopy. To improve the defect resolution, a new transducer design was developed to increase defect resolution and signal to noise for interface characterisation.

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