With the innovations in packaging technologies which have taken place over the last decade, new assemblies often include an increasing number of dies inside a single package. This is exactly what was predicted by the More than Moore’s paradigm: as the integration of ICs increases, the heterogeneity of the devices found in a single package increases. As a result, the number of potential failures which can appear at assembly level has increased exponentially. At present, no technique has been able to precisely localize defects which are deep inside a complex package. For this reason, a new technique for failure localization for three-dimensional structures is needed. In this paper the technique proposed, based on the coupling of magnetic measurements and simulations, is applied to a three-dimensional structure to precisely localize the current path which is buried deep inside it. A new method, based on parameters fittings of magnetic simulations, is then applied in order to accurately evaluate the distance between the current and the sensor.

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