We have been paying attention to the development of the nondestructive physical analysis (NDPA) technology. We think that NDPA is a technology which doesn't depend on the worker's capability or experience. There are many NDPA techniques, and analysis using X-ray imaging is one of the principal techniques. Due to the progress of the image analysis using computers in recent years, X-ray imaging have been evolving from two dimensional images to three dimensional imaging. We have been applying X-ray CT imaging to actual failure analysis and reliability evaluation since 2008. At ISTFA 2009, we reported on the effectiveness of X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) images in the failure analysis. [1] We confirmed that the X-ray CT image had various applications, for example, screening for counterfeit parts, the detection of the defect of the multi-layers printed wiring boards (multi-layers PWB), the structure confirmation of caulking contacts, and the detection of cracks or voids of the solder joint. This paper discusses the effectiveness of X-ray CT imaging in failure analysis and discusses the effectiveness of applying X-ray CT imaging to the propagation of cracks occurring at solder joints during temperature cycling test.

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