IR-OBIRCH (Infrared Ray – Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change) is one of the main failure analysis techniques [1] [2] [3] [4]. It is a useful tool to do fault localization on leakage failure cases such as poor Via or contact connection, FEoL or BEoL pattern bridge, and etc. But the real failure sites associated with the above failure mechanisms are not always found at the OBIRCH spot locations. Sometimes the real failure site is far away from the OBIRCH spot and it will result in inconclusive PFA Analysis. Finding the real failure site is what matters the most for fault localization detection. In this paper, we will introduce one case using deep sub-micron process generation which suffers serious high Isb current at wafer donut region. In this case study a BEoL Via poor connection is found far away from the OBIRCH spots. This implies that layout tracing skill and relation investigation among OBIRCH spots are needed for successful failure analysis.

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