Limitations of backside optical techniques for failure analysis of dynamically activated devices have underlined the need to extend the capabilities of Dynamic Laser Stimulation techniques (DLS). DLS techniques provide a precise localization of the dynamically failing area, but it lacks timing information as the fault is often related to a specific test vector. Optical probing techniques such as TRE and LVP [1, 2] are hardly applicable on cases with long test loop and for which no preliminary information is available on the time window of interest. Defect localization and electrical tests can be coupled in order to provide more accurate information about the failure, especially vector information in addition to x and y localization. We have developed a Full Dynamic Laser Stimulation (F-DLS) approach based on laser modulation by electro optic modulator to face this challenge. The purpose of this paper is to present DLS limitations, our motivations, comparisons with other DLS extensions, FDLS implementation on our system, application example and future F-DLS developments.

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