The topic of this work is the sequential use of Solid Immersion Lenses (SILs), created in bulk silicon in less than 20 minutes of processing time, using a focused ion beam and a bitmap milling process. Fibbed SILs can be removed by polishing, and the silicon back surface resumes a perfect planar shape for further backside analysis or the creation of more SILs. The influence of the progressively thinner sample thickness on the magnification of the SIL was analyzed. As fibbed SILs in this work are about 1.4 µm thick and have an additional magnification of 2.4, a second process after removal has been found to decrease magnification not more than 20%. The presence of interference rings in the SIL image could be almost completely removed by anti-reflective coating. Photon emission microscopy, performed using fibbed SILs, allowed to clearly distinguish between sources that were separated by 240 nm wide structures.

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