Yield enhancement has always been an important topic but even more when processes are moving towards smaller geometries. Today, latest FA flow intends to check wafer quality to monitor production in real-time. The purpose is to adjust any derivation coming from the process as fast as possible. The Atmel-CIMPACA laboratory located in Rousset, France, can do Failure Analysis on wafer, thanks to its wafer prober designed to work on DCG systems equipment and integrated CAD software (Meridian, Emiscope, NEXS software suite). Wafer level yield analysis typically requires long setup and multiple dies analysis. Each of the die can be studied with a set a failure analysis (FA) techniques (photo or thermal) emission microscopy [1], laser stimulation techniques [2] or even dynamic probing using time resolved emission [3],[4] or laser based techniques, for the most common ones [5].

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