Conventional isolation techniques, such as Optical Beam Induced Resistance Change (OBIRCH) or photoemission microscopy (PEM) frequently fail to locate failure points when only applied to power pin of the semiconductor device. In this paper, a novel OBIRCH failure isolation technique is utilized to detect leakage failures. Different test conditions are presented to identify the differences in current when all input pins are pulled high in an OBIRCH system. In order to verify a failure point, it is necessary to perform electrical analysis of the suspected failure point in the failing sample. In general, Conductive Atomic Force Microscope (C-AFM) and a Nano-Prober is sufficient to provide the electrical data required for failure analysis. Experiment results, however, prove that this novel OBIRCH failure isolation technique is effective in locating the failure point, especially for leakage failures. The failure mechanism is illustrated using cross-sectional TEM.

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