Fundamental consideration for CDM (Charged Device Model) breakdown was investigated with 90nm technology products and others. According to the result of failure analysis, it was found that gate oxide breakdown was critical failure mode for CDM test. High speed triggered protection device such as ggNMOS and SCR (Thyristor) is effective method to improve its CDM breakdown voltage and an improvement for evaluated products were confirmed. Technological progress which is consisted of down-scaling of protection device size and huge number of IC pins of high function package makes technology vulnerable and causes significant CDM stress. Therefore, it is expected that CDM protection designing tends to become quite difficult. In order to solve these problems in the product, fundamental evaluations were performed. Those are a measurement of discharge parameter and stress time dependence of CDM breakdown voltage. Peak intensity and rise time of discharge current as critical parameters are well correlated their package capacitance. Increasing stress time causes breakdown voltage decreasing. This mechanism is similar to that of TDDB for gate oxide breakdown. Results from experiences and considerations for future CDM reliable designing are explained in this report.

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