Circuit edit techniques have been developed for silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices using a coaxial photon-ion column. Novel trenching, navigation and milling methods, utilizing sub pico-Amp beam currents provide enhanced capability for editing devices with decreased geometries including buried (Box) thickness. Flat trenches 200x200µm were obtained using real time optical fringe monitoring with 125nm accuracy with 950nm λ and FIB bit map milling to adjust for parallelism to the ILD0. This bit map milling technique controlled the etch rate to maintain trench flatness by correlating the optical fringes to the bit map grayscales to vary the dwell time of the ion beam across the trench floor. Through highly accurate, CAD directed beam deflection control, beam placement accuracy in the sub 20nm regime can readily be accomplished, sub pA beam currents provide ultracontrolled etch rates and high aspect ratio (HAR) capability. Complete process definitions, techniques and results are reported. These techniques have proven successful in circuit edit below 90nm, and are expected to meet future technology circuit edit requirements down to 45nm.

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