In failure analysis of wafer fabrication it is difficult to identify possible sources of carbon-related contaminants as most of them are from polymers, organic and complex compounds. In this paper, the fingerprints of EDX, FTIR, XPS and TOFSIMS techniques will be introduced so as to identify sources of carbon-related contaminants. For example, Si peak (1.740 keV) can be used as a fingerprint of EDX technique to identify the ink-related contaminant from the other carbon-related contaminants. FTIR spectra of more than 10 possible materials from wafer fab and assembly processes are discussed, which may be used as the fingerprints of FTIR technique to identify carbon-related contaminants. The C=O functional group and the PDMS (PolyDimethylSiloxane) are recommended as the fingerprints of XPS and TOF-SIMS techniques to identify source of carbon-related contaminants, respectively. In this paper, some application cases will be also discussed.

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