Spray cooling is implemented on an engineering tool for Time Resolved Emission measurements using a silicon solid immersion lens to achieve high spatial resolution and for probing high heat flux devices. Thermal performance is characterized using a thermal test vehicle consisting of a 4x3 array of cells each with a heater element and a thermal diode to monitor the temperature within the cell. The flip-chip packaged TTV is operated to achieve uniform heat flux across the die. The temperature distribution across the die is measured on the 4x3 grid of the die for various heat loads up to 180 W with corresponding heat flux of 204 W/cm2. Using water as coolant the maximum temperature differential across the die was about 30 °C while keeping the maximum junction temperature below 95 °C and at a heat flux of 200 W/cm2. Details of the thermal performance of spray cooling system as a function of flow rate, coolant

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