As MOSFET device gate lengths shrink below the 130 nanometer node, the effects of short channel effects (SCE) and gate line edge roughness (LER) have an increasingly more pronounced affect on device performance [1-8, 10]. The 2001 International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS) predicts increasingly tighter critical dimensions (CD) control limits on LER from 2.7 nm in 2004 to 1.3 nm in 2010 [9,11]. As gate lengths shrink, resist etch processes emerge as the most significant contributor to LER [1-8, 11]. In addition, another contributing factor to SCE is junction implant defects. Examples of gate LER effects and junction defects in 130 nanometer node SOI SRAM MOSFET devices identified by sub-micron electrical characterization with analysis by high resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM) are discussed.

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