We present application examples of site specific energy filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) analysis using advanced focused ion beam (FIB) specimen preparation techniques. Specifically, we address topics such as throughput and reliability enhancement by chemically assisted broad ion beam milling and on-line monitoring of the etch process. We discuss how integrated elemental analysis by EFTEM can be used to gain quantitative information on the broad variety of new material systems currently entering front end and back end of the IC manufacturing process line. The accelerating pace of device integration results in extreme demands for quantitative analysis in process development, yield ramp-up and process control with spatial resolution and elemental sensitivity at the very limits of currently available instrumentation. Historically, the high resolution performance of TEM analysis has been hampered by long turn around times for the required sample preparation. Meanwhile the routine use of FIB systems for “trench” and “lift-out” preparation techniques allows for an enormous increase in the efficiency of TEM analysis.

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