The package to board interconnection shear strength (PBISS) test method yields an amalgamated measure of pad peel strength, solder/pad interfacial strength and bulk solder shear strength. This measure mirrors the reliability of the actual product better than any single component strength value. Using a novel fixture that ensures pure shear stresses on the package, the shear strengths of two different ball grid array packages with Sn62PbAg2 solder balls are characterized as a function of pad finish and board build-up layer type. The tests can be performed relatively quickly (< 15 minutes for an entire package on board) with good repeatability. Results indicate that the component shear test is sensitive to the variables studied and attractive as a candidate technique for quantifying solder joint quality and integrity on actual production samples for a variety of package types and sizes. Potential applications of this method are for materials/process/vendor evaluation during product development phase and as a production/supplier quality assessment tool in the factory. Key words: interconnection strength, shear test, area array package, solder joint, pad surface finish

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