The focus of this article is on locating signal-to-ground shorts and plane-to-plane shorts using the time domain reflectometry (TDR) based fault isolation system. The article proposes two comparative techniques for plane-to-plane short location, both based on the secondary information in the TDR data. The first technique looks for the difference in secondary reflections in the TDR waveform and the second looks at the inductance of the current return path, which can be computed in IConnect TDR software. The article presents simple test board example for plane-to-plane short failure location and discusses the results obtained by applying the TDR technique to the measurements of a sample package under test. Locating a signal-to-ground short has been shown to present little difficulty over a comparable open fault locating task. However, with the true impedance profile and planar inductance analyses, the claim of impossibility of locating a plane-to-plane is effectively challenged in this paper.

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