FIB Micromachining has long been an established technique, but until recently it has been overshadowed by the more mainstream semiconductor application of the Focused Ion Beam system. Nano- Structure fabrication using the FIB system has become more popular recently due to several factors. The need for sub-micron structures have grown significantly due to a need for enhanced optical and biological applications. Another reason for the growth in micromachining is the improvement made in the ability of FIB systems to produce geometric shapes with high precision. With the latest high-end FIB systems, it is possible to produce microstructures with tens of nano-meters of precision. Optical lens, AFM tips, and nano-apertures are all part of the growing application for FIB Micromachining. This paper will discuss the ability and limitations of the FIB system and some possible application for FIB Micromachining.

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