EMS analysis is widely used in the failure analysis of the semiconductor. Moreover, the availability is widely evaluated. However, EMS analysis is not often used for the defect (1 Bit failure, Word Line failure, Bit Line failure, etc.) in the cell area in the memory device, because information on Fail Bit Map can be facilitated. Recently, make minutely advancing, and it is impossible to detect the defective cause only by Fail Bit Map information. We found the effectiveness as follows by the use of EMS analysis for a defective sample with Fail Bit Map information to solve such a problem. It leads to shortening analysis TAT because a defective part can be specified. Moreover, because the SHORT/OPEN mode can be divided, it is useful for the presumption of a defective mode. Furthermore, it is effective also to the confirmation of the presence of the redundancy and the confirmation of Fail Bit Map. Thus, because the application of EMS analysis for the defect in the cell area of the memory device is very effective to detect a defective cause, I want to recommend it by all means.

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