When one department performs extensive analysis, the need for common data within a database structure may be required. A realistic paperless database was developed to solve department needs. This database is carried out with the combination of a Client Module, Operation Module and Management Module. The Client Module includes on-line request for analysis, intensive query, retrieval of the analysis result with digital image and image processing. The Operation Module provides real-time digital data acquisition from the analysis equipment, which have the data types of image, text or graph and real-time data transmission to a dedicated server Digital Alpha 4100. The Management Module includes approval of the request for analysis from the Client Module, creation of reports about analysis results and statistical service for the subjects like failure modes in a device, operation time of equipment and so on. These modules allow multi-users to access the database through the Web on the Intranet. Our database can be also linked to the in-line database and the failure analysis with DRT SEM and physical analysis can become more effective with the use of in-line inspection data. This paper presents the framework of the database along with a technical description of the database implementation.

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