A method of measuring moisture in the ceramic Package (pKG) without the destruction of the samples was developed (We define KNH method: kinahi method). The moisture oondition in the cavity can be oonfirmed by the temperature dependence of the leakage current between adjaoont terminals (At least one of measured terminals is non-oonnect). This method is performed by measuring the leakage current between non-oonnect terminals at various temperatures. The temperature is raised from room temperature. In the caseof the standard sample which has no moisture in the cavity, the leakage current increases as the temperature is raised. However, a sample which has a large amount of moisture in the cavity has a leakage current that decreases with increasing temperature and increases after this cycle. When the temperature is raised, the leakage current decreases because of a decrease in oondensed moisture. After the temperature without oondensing, the leakage current increases as same as standard sample. When this KNH method is used for the product which has no non-oonnect terminals, the leakage current can be measured by using the signal terminals at 0.2V which is the voltage under Vt of protection diode. This KNH method is very useful for oonfirmation of the slight leakage current of fine ceramic PKG and for the amount of moisture in the cavity

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