This presentation explores a proven and cost-effective induction technology designed for contour hardening of bevel, hypoid, and pinion gears, as well as gear-like components with complex geometries, using inexpensive steels. Developed specifically to replace the carburizing process, this unique technology offers significant advantages. The presentation includes case studies that demonstrate the chemical composition of the steels used, the achieved hardness patterns, and the microstructure of the hardened area, transition zone, and core of the workpiece. The technology’s uniqueness lies not only in its ability to induction contour harden complex-geometry parts but also in its capacity to produce fine-grained martensitic structures (with typical grain sizes ranging from 8 to 11) and substantial compressive residual surface stresses (up to 600 MPa, or 85 ksi). These features dramatically enhance the mechanical properties of induction-hardened components.

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