Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) is an established technology in metal additive manufacturing. This complex manufacturing process yields unique as-built material properties that influence mechanical performance and vary with different machine parameters. Part porosity and residual stresses, which lead to part failures, and grain structure, as it relates to mechanical properties and anisotropy of DMLS parts, require investigation for different print settings. This work presents results for density, residual stress, and microstructural inspections on designed test artifacts for the benchmarking of 3D metal printers. Results from printing artifacts on two separate DMLS printer models with default parameters show highly dense parts for both printers, with relative densities above 99.5%. Characterization of residual stress through cantilevered deflection specimens indicates similar resulting thermal stresses developed in both build processes, with deflection averages of 32.48% and 28.09% for the respective machines. Additionally, properties of the test artifact printed after adjusting default machine parameters for equal energy density are characterized.

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