Press hardening steel (PHS) applications predominately use 22MnB5 AlSi coated in the automotive industry. This material has a limited supply chain. Increasing the tensile strength and bendability of the PHS material will enable light-weighting while maintaining crash protection. In this paper, a novel PHS is introduced, and properties are compared to 22MnB5. The new Coating Free PHS (CFPHS) steel, 25MnCr, has increased carbon, with chromium and silicon additions for oxidation resistance. Its ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of 1.7 GPa with bending angle above 55° at 1.4 mm thickness improves upon the 22MnB5 grade. This steel is not pre-coated, is oxidation resistant at high temperature, thus eliminating the need for AlSi or shot blasting post processing to maintain surface quality. Microstructural mechanisms used to enhance bendability and energy absorption are discussed for the novel steel. Performance evaluations such as: weldability, component level crush and intrusion testing and e-coat adhesion, are conducted on samples from industrial coils.

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