Teams of people in most every company are focused on expanding and improving the utilization of data from the manufacturing and shop floors. While there are multiple benefits that accrue from each new successful initiative including part traceability records and process trending. The driving imperative is quality improvement. Data capture, feedback systems, real time analysis and data archiving capabilities are all contributors to a Heat Treat Management Audit System that delivers tangible results. For the year 2016, US - based OEM’s and Suppliers reported paying approximately $11.8 billion in claims, and recorded $10.3 billion of warranty and recall accruals. This is a 300% increase in what was paid out and accrued for in 2013. [1] Familiar buzz words in quality management, CQI-9, ISO 9001, SPC, and TS 16949 are written on the walls of both manufacturing and engineering departments. This presentation explains these acronyms and how these standards construct the boundaries of an effective Quality Improvement System.

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