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J.G. (Gil) Kaufman has a background of almost fifty years in the aluminum and materials information industries and remains an active consultant in both areas. In 1997, he retired as vice president, technology, for the Aluminum Association, Inc., headquartered in Washington, D.C., and is currently president of his consulting company, Kaufman Associates. Earlier in his career, he spent twenty-six years with the Aluminum Company of America and five with ARCO Metals, where he was vice president, R&D. He also served as president and CEO of the National Materials Property Data Network, establishing a worldwide online network of more than twenty-five materials databases. Mr. Kaufman is a Fellow and Honorary Member of ASTM, and a Fellow and Life Member of ASM International. He has published more than 125 articles, including four books, on aluminum alloys and materials data systems.

Elwin Rooy retired after thirty-five years with the Aluminum Company of America, where he was corporate manager of metallurgy and quality assurance, to form a consulting firm specializing in aluminum process and product technologies, quality systems, and industry relations. He has been active in committees of the Aluminum Association, American Foundry Society, American Die Casting Institute, The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Society of Die Casting Engineers, ASM International, and TMS. He has served as chairman of the TMS Aluminum Committee, chairman of the AFS Light and Reactive Metals Division, director and chairman of the Northeast Ohio chapter of AFS, regional director of the Foundry Education Foundation, and charter member of the Drexel/WPI Advanced Casting Research Laboratory. Mr. Rooy’s honors include the AFS award for Scientific Merit, The TMS/AIME Distinguished Service Award, the M.C. Flemings Award for contributions in the field of solidification, and the Arthur Vining Davis Award for technical achievement. He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Metals and Advanced Materials & Processes, published more than thirty articles and papers, edited Light Metals 1991, and authored or coauthored articles in the ASM Handbook series.

The content of this book was developed in collaboration of the American Foundry Society. The AFS Aluminum Division Review Committee provided substantive and constructive input:

  • James Boileau

       Ford Motor Company

  • Paul Crepeau

       General Motors Corporation

  • Yemi Fasoyinu

       Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology

  • Jerry Gegel

       Material & Process Consultancy

  • David Jakstis

       Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group

  • John Miller

       JMA Services

  • Paul Niskanen

       Alion Science and Technology

  • Randy Oehrlein

       Carley Foundry Inc.

  • Tom Prucha

       INTERMET Corporation

  • Steve Robison

       American Foundry Society

  • Joe Santner

       American Foundry Society

  • Al Torok

       Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation

  • Jim Van Wert

       Amcast Industrial Corporation

  • Dave Weiss

       Eck Industries Inc.

  • Jacob Zindel

       Ford Motor Company

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