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THE TITANIUM INDUSTRY has been in existence for approximately 60 years, and a great amount of information on the science and technology of this “wonder” metal has been compiled in that relatively short time. This reference book is based on an education course developed by ASM International in the early 1980s, which has been revised several times as new technical information became available, the latest revision in 2014 by F.H. (Sam) Froes, an expert in titanium and titanium alloy technology.

This book is a comprehensive compilation of the science and technology of titanium and its alloys. It details the history of the titanium industry and discusses various extraction processes, including the Kroll and Hunter processes and others. The fundamentals of solidification and phase diagrams are discussed, numerous detailed descriptions of beta (β)-to-alpha (α) transformations are included, and there are extensive discussions on processing, characteristics, and performance of the different classes of titanium alloys, including alpha (α), alpha-beta (α-β), beta (β), and intermetallic compounds. There are chapters devoted to alloying, deformation and recrystallization, mechanical properties and testing, and metallography. The following are also covered: melting and casting; forming of plate, sheet, strip, and tubing; joining; and machining. Practical aspects of primary and secondary processing are given, including a comprehensive description of superplastic forming. Details of expanding powder metallurgy techniques are included. The relationship of microstructure to mechanical properties is addressed in detail. A detailed description of corrosion behavior is included, and a comprehensive section on current applications of titanium and its alloys, documenting why certain alloys are used in various applications as well as their limitations, is also addressed.

Permeating the book are examples of how lowering the cost of titanium can lead to increased use. I believe that this book will be of considerable value to persons new to the industry as well as practitioners, and that it will significantly increase your knowledge of the science and technology of titanium.

Dr. F.H. (Sam) Froes
Tacoma, Washington, August 2014

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