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THIS BOOK covering heat treating basics and principles and the companion next book titled Practical Heat Treating—Processes and Practices are a result of my discussions with ASM as to the need for an updated comprehensive look at the subject. I recognized this need after teaching various heat treating related courses for ASM after retiring in 2004 and selling my commercial heat treating plant in Wisconsin. I realized the Practical Heat Treating, 2nd Edition, which I revised and authored in 2006, was “too brief” in the technical details necessary to have one fully understand the subject.

Since graduating Purdue in 1965, I have been involved in shop floor level metallurgy and heat treatment. Over the past 55 years, I have had the opportunity to be involved or responsible for various heat treating processes involving most heat treatable materials including steels, nonferrous materials and cast irons. The first part of my career was with manufacturers with in-house heat treatment while during the last 25 years I was involved in commercial heat treating.

I am grateful that thru ASM I have been able to contribute to the technical base thru organizing conferences and contributing to technical publications. I am also grateful for the outstanding persons who helped mentor and guide me during my career. Some of them are Richard Edwards, Norm Kates, George Bodeen, Nick Milano, Dr. George Krauss, and Dr. George Totten. At ASM, many helped me including (but not limited to); C.E. “Joe” Davis, Scott Henry, and Howard Boyer.

I particularly appreciate the outstanding efforts Steve Lampman has given to this book in helping guide me thru the process of bringing the book to publication.

Finally, I appreciate my wife, Gwendolyn who has had confidence in me and has supported all my efforts at ASM during our 60 years of marriage.

Jon L. Dossett

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