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In this year of renewal at ASM International, it is especially fitting to release Cast Iron Science and Technology, Volume 1A of the ASM Handbook series. Its focus on improving materials performance is a key value that ASM International strives to offer its members and those who research, develop, process, make, and buy cast irons. Volume 1A covers the processing and applications of cast irons, which differentiates it from, and supplements, Properties and Selection: Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys, Volume 1, ASM Handbook.

Coverage in this Volume includes fundamentals, primary processing, fabrication, effects of processing on properties, process and product design, and the engineering properties of specific grades, types, and product forms of iron castings.

ASM International is grateful for the work and dedication of volunteer editors, authors, and reviewers. They devoted their time and expertise to develop a reference work that reflects the continuing commitment of ASM International to present a publication of the highest technical and editorial quality. The result is a comprehensive body of knowledge from the world’s leading innovators, researchers, and practitioners in the cast iron field that gives readers the tools to solve problems. ASM International is indebted to Volume Editor Doru M. Stefanescu, a world-renowned expert who worked tirelessly to oversee this undertaking.

William E. Frazier
ASM International
William T. Mahoney
Managing Director
ASM International

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