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This article provides a summary of the concepts discussed in the article under the section "Corrosion Testing and Evaluation" in ASM Handbook, Volume 13A: Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection. This section presents fundamental information on step-by-step instructions for techniques, examples of actual test data, and hints to help in interpretation. The topics covered include planning corrosion tests and evaluating results, laboratory corrosion testing, simulated service corrosion testing, in-service techniques for damage detection and monitoring, and evaluating forms of corrosion.

When planning a corrosion-testing program, it is advisable to select the testing conditions carefully in order to produce ranking parameters with minimal influence from testing conditions while rich in engineering significance. This article provides a discussion on test objectives, metal composition and metallurgical conditions, test specimen preparation, and corrosion damage assessment. It describes a strategy for planning the design of controlled and uncontrolled factorial experiments. The article contains a table that lists the elements of an iterative process for the experimental design. It illustrates the experimental designs applied to corrosion testing.

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