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This article provides a summary of the concepts discussed in the articles under the Section “Fundamentals of Corrosion” in ASM Handbook, Volume 13A: Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection. In this section, the thermodynamic aspects of corrosion are descried first followed by a group of articles discussing the fundamentals of aqueous corrosion kinetics. The fundamentals of gaseous corrosion are addressed next. The fundamental electrochemical reactions of corrosion and their uses are finally described.

This article provides a discussion on the fundamentals of corrosion thermodynamics. The discussion focuses on electrochemical reactions, molten salt corrosion thermodynamics, and geochemical modeling.

Electrochemical, or electrode, reactions occur with charge transfer between neutral or ionic reactants and a conducting material called the electrode. This article discusses cathodic reactions that result in reduction and anodic reactions that result in oxidation. It reviews the effects of an electric field near an electrode and illustrates the solvation of ions in metal-aqueous solution.

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