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This article contains nine tables that present useful formulas for deformation analysis and workability testing. The tables present formulas for effective stress, strain, and strain rate in arbitrary coordinates, principal, compression and tension testing of isotropic material. The article also provides formulas for flat rolling, conical-die extrusion, wire drawing, deep drawing of cups from sheet metal, and bending, and formulas for anisotropic sheet materials.

This article is a comprehensive collection of terms related to metalworking operations that produce shapes from forging, extrusion, drawing, and rolling operations.

Hardness conversions are empirical relationships that are defined by conversion tables limited to specific categories of materials. This article summarizes hardness conversion formulas for various materials in a table. It tabulates the approximate Rockwell B and Rockwell C hardness conversion numbers for nonaustenitic steels. The article lists the approximate equivalent hardness numbers for Brinell hardness numbers and Vickers hardness numbers for steel in tables. The tables are also outlined in a graphical form.

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