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Metalworking is one of the three major technologies used to fabricate metal products. This article tabulates the classification of metal forming processes. It discusses different types of metalworking equipment, including rolling mills, ring-rolling machines, and thread-rolling and surface-rolling machines. The article outlines the significant characteristics of pressing-type machines: load and energy characteristics, time-related characteristics, and accuracy characteristics. It summarizes different specialized processes such as advanced roll-forming methods, equal-channel angular extrusion, incremental forging, and microforming. The article describes the thermomechanical processing of nickel- and titanium-base alloys and concludes with information on the advancements in process simulation.

This article reviews the general aspects of product design and provides an overview of the manufacturing processes and their relationship to design, with an emphasis on deformation processes. It discusses the various classes of deformation processes to illustrate their impacts on product design while taking advantage of the benefits of deformation processing.

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