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This 2002 edition of Failure Analysis and Prevention is the outcome from the devoted efforts of volunteer editors, authors, and reviewers, who have helped organize and develop this revised Volume 11 of the ASM Handbook series. This publication would not have been possible without their vision and dedicated efforts in the ongoing improvement of engineering knowledge and education through the analysis, understanding, and prevention of failure.

As noted in the Preface, the authors and editors assembled this Volume with several broad themes in mind. The nature of failure is complex, varied, and unanticipated. Its prevention can also be multifaceted and varied. In this way, failure analysts are not only specialists, but also educators who help others become aware of the root cause(s) of failure. This requires a clear understanding of the many stages in the life of a part from design and manufacturing to anticipated service, inspection, and maintenance. It also involves a host of tools and techniques for effective planning and implementation of a failure investigation.

Thus, failure analysis and prevention can be a complex multidisciplinary activity that requires broad knowledge in design, manufacturing, mechanics, materials, and testing. The editors and authors have tackled this complex nature of failure analysis and prevention in an updated volume that is, in many respects, an all-new volume. This new edition contains over 50 new articles with expanded coverage on the four basic types of failures (deformation, fracture, corrosion, and wear) and the variety of tools and techniques for effective planning, organization, implementation, and reliable conclusion of a failure investigation through proper interpretation of information.

We would like to extend our thanks to the devoted community of volunteers who have helped organize and develop this 2002 edition of Failure Analysis and Prevention. The editors, authors, and reviewers are to be commended for their fine contributions on a vital topic for all engineering disciplines, in the very best of tradition of the Handbook series. We especially thank Bill Becker, Roch Shipley, Debbie Aliya, Dan Benac, Larry Hanke, Jeff Hawk, Steve McDanels, Richard McSwain, Ron Parrington, Jim Scutti, Aaron Tanzer, and Richard Wilson. This publication would not have been possible without their vision, knowledge, and efforts.

Gordon H. Geiger
ASM International
Stanley C. Theobald
Managing Director
ASM International

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