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The ASM Handbook Volume 6A, Welding Fundamentals & Processes , represents the first of at least two volumes to be published on aspects of welding and joining. As indicated in the title, Volume 6A focuses on fundamental aspects of welding, and on the many welding processes. Volume 6B, planned for future publication, will concentrate on weldability and behavior of a range of alloys and materials.

As with the last edition of this Volume, the Volume Editors recognized that the researchers, engineers, technicians and students that will use this handbook have different needs with regard to their level of understanding. Accordingly, the sections of this handbook fall into two major categories. The sections on fundamentals provide in-depth background on the scientific principles associated with welding, while the sections on the various welding processes take a more practical approach. The Volume Editors have also tried to present a comprehensive reference that can be of use to the diverse welding community.

All sections of the handbook have been reviewed to be sure that they reflect the current status of the technology. Many sections have been expanded, such as the sections on fundamentals, high-energy density, solid-state welding and especially weld modeling. New processes and process variations developed since the last printing of this Volume have been incorporated, including friction stir welding, magnetic pulse welding, hybrid processes, direct metal deposition, penetration enhancing fluxes and ultrasonic additive manufacturing. A section on safe practices has also been added.

We wish to thank our many colleagues who served as section editors and authors of the individual articles. This handbook would not have been possible without their efforts.

Thomas J. Lienert, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Sudarsanam Suresh Babu, The Ohio State University
Thomas A. Siewert, NIST (retired)
Viola L. Acoff, The University of Alabama

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