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Semisolid metal (SSM) processing, also known as semisolid metal casting, semisolid forming, or semisolid metal forging, is a special die casting process. This article discusses the origin and advantages of the SSM processing. It describes three major semisolid processing routes: thixocasting, rheocasting, and thixomolding.

This article provides an overview of the thixocasting process and discusses the concepts that are important to the practical application of this technology. The thixocasting process involves two casting processes. The first casting process is required to make the feedstock that must be reheated to achieve the structures necessary for casting. The second casting process combines billet sawing, reheating, and the actual injecting of material into the mold. The article focuses on these processes and provides information on rheological tests. It discusses some key design concepts used in thixocasting. The article illustrates the differences between a conventional high-pressure die-casting injection profile and the thixocasting injection profile used to produce the same part.

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