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This article discusses the general properties of ocean water and their effects on corrosion. It describes the major and minor features of the ocean water on corrosion, including the effects of variability, pollutants, and fouling organisms. Effects of water flow velocity on marine corrosion are also reviewed.

Several factors contribute to marine-atmospheric corrosion with the local environment being the single most important factor. Therefore, assessing a local environment, which is essential to reduce the gross expenditure, is assisted by modeling of the local environment and by a set of corrosion standards proposed by the International Standards Organization (ISO). This article focuses on the important variables associated with atmospheric corrosion in marine atmospheres, namely, moisture, temperature, winds, airborne contaminants, alloy content, location, and biological organisms along with their corresponding assessing methods. It also examines the ISO CORRAG program for modeling the corrosion rate of atmospheric corrosion that is represented as equations modeling.

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