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This e-book serves as a guide for beginners in the field of corrosion science and engineering, particularly those who are new to corrosion inhibitor technology. It should also provide some new perspectives for those who are already familiar with the topic. The main purpose of this volume is to help readers gain a better understanding of corrosion inhibitor technology and contribute to formulating sound strategies for corrosion protection. A familiarity with chemistry and electrochemistry would facilitate the reading, yet it is by no means a necessity because the volume is presented in a clear and comprehensible manner.

This e-book contains five sections. The first section is an introduction to the field of metal corrosion and inhibition, including the significance of the development of corrosion inhibitor strategies. The second section introduces corrosion inhibitor types based on their chemical nature. The third part discusses a diverse array of commonly used electrochemical and analytical techniques for corrosion inhibitor evaluation and the relevant mechanistic investigation. The merits and shortcomings of each technique are also discussed with the purpose of teaching the readers how to properly use these techniques for corrosion inhibition study. In the fourth section, some industrial applications of corrosion inhibitors are introduced. Furthermore, an overview of corrosion inhibitor development and state-of-art advancements are provided in the fifth section, providing possible research pathways for corrosion inhibitor study to address increasing corrosion challenges.

We hope you find this e-book a useful and insightful reference for the field of metal corrosion and inhibition. Enjoy your reading.

Qiushi Deng, Rou Jun Toh, Ivan Cole, and Xiaobo Chen
RMIT University

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