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The development of ASM Handbook, Volume 11B, Characterization and Failure Analysis of Plastics by ASM International is in recognition of the importance of conducting failure and characterization testing in the plastics product sector. What began as a part of ASM Handbook, Volume 11, Failure Analysis and Prevention and ASM Handbook, Volume 11A, Analysis and Prevention of Component and Equipment Failures, both published in 2021, evolved into a distinct Volume and valuable new tool in the battle against plastic product failures.

Volume 11B provides foundational knowledge in the Polymer Science division. This is followed by a division entitled Chemical, Thermal, and Physical Analysis of Plastics, which comprises a large portion of the book. Divisions on Mechanical Behavior and Testing of Plastics and on Degradation Mechanisms of Plastics are next. These are followed by the Material Selection and Design with Engineering Plastics division and the Failure Analysis of Plastics division. The last division, Analysis and Prevention of Plastic Product Failures, discusses wear and fatigue failure.

Volume 11B includes completely new articles as well as articles revised from its predecessor, Characterization and Failure Analysis of Plastics, 2003. Even the revised articles offer a wealth of substantially new content, including new figures and tables, in addition to revised discussion. Among the many entirely new articles in the Volume are “Polymer Processing—An Introduction,” “Rheological Testing of Polymers,” “Service Lifetime Assessment of Polymeric Products,” “The Failure Analysis Process— An Overview,” “Surface Examination and Analysis of Plastics,” “Design Related Failures of Plastic Parts,” and “Accelerated Life Testing and Aging.”

Volume editor Todd J. Menna of Element Materials Technology, and five esteemed division editors gathered the leading plastics failure analysis experts worldwide to contribute and peer review articles for this, the most comprehensive, up-to-date publication in ASM’s library on the subject. It is a valuable addition for any scientist or practitioner seeking to understand how and why plastics fail and how to prevent future plastic component failures.

Judith Todd
ASM International
Sandy Robert
Executive Director
ASM International

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