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Charles M. Kay, Vice President, ASB Industries, Barberton, Ohio


Charles Kay is currently vice president of ASB Industries, Barberton, Ohio, and has been with ASB for over 29 years. ASB focuses on expanding the reach of thermal spray technology in new areas. Charles specializes in identifying new application areas in various industries such as steel, paper, power, etc. He has co-authored many technical articles on cold spray technology that have been published in various peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He has served as president of the ASM Thermal Spray Society and is an active member of various ASM Thermal Spray Society committees.

Dr. J. Karthikeyan (Karthi)


J. Karthikeyan, director of research and development at ASB Industries, earned his Ph.D. from Bombay University, India, and specializes in thermal spray and advanced material processing technology. He is one of the pioneers of cold spray technology and has carried out R&D on almost all aspects of the technology, from design and development of nozzles, guns and systems to engineered coatings for specific industries. He has authored over 100 publications, mostly in peer-reviewed journals. During the last 15 years, he has been leading industrial cold spray R&D and has authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers, contributed to ASM Handbook, Volume 5A, Thermal Spray Technology, and holds six patents in various aspects of cold spray technology.

He served as the conference chairman of ASM-sponsored Cold Spray 2004, Cold Spray 2007 and Cold Spray 2010 meetings in Akron, Ohio. He also organizes special symposiums on cold spray technology at international thermal spray conferences every year. He is a Fellow of ASM International and has served as a member of the ASM Thermal Spray Society Board (2008-11). He is a member of the International Board of Review of many prestigious journals such as Journal of Thermal Spray Technology.

  • Hamid Assadi

    Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

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    GE Power and Water, India

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    Army Research Laboratory, USA

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    MBN Nanomaterialia S.p.A, Italy

  • Timothy J. Eden

    Pennsylvania State University, USA

  • Frank Gärtner

    Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

  • Pavel Hryzák

    SAFINA, a.s., Czech Republic

  • Eric Irissou

    National Research Council, Canada

  • Jegan Karthikeyan

    ASB Industries, USA

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    ASB Industries, USA

  • Charles M. Kay

    ASB Industries, USA

  • Peter G. Keech

    Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Canada

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    Hanyang University, South Korea

  • Thomas Klassen

    Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

  • Ján Kondás

    Impact Innovations GmbH, Germany

  • Jean-Gabriel Legoux

    National Research Council, Canada

  • Changhee Lee

    Hanyang University, South Korea

  • Paolo Matteazzi

    MBN Nanomaterialia S.p.A., Italy

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    National Research Council, Canada

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    Impact Innovations GmbH, Italy

  • Peter Richter, Jr.

    Impact Innovations, GmbH, Italy

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    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., USA

  • Mark F. Smith

    Sandia National Laboratories, USA

  • Dheepa Srinivasan

    GE, Power, GE India Technology Center, India

  • Phuong Vo

    National Research Council, Canada

  • Christian Widener

    South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, USA

  • Douglas E. Wolfe

    Pennsylvania State University, USA

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