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Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys is the final volume in the ASM Handbook series on heat treatment:

  • Steel Heat Treating Fundamentals and Processes, Volume 4A, 2013

  • Steel Heat Treating Technologies, Volume 4B, 2014

  • Induction Heating and Heat Treatment, Volume 4C, 2014

  • Heat Treating of Irons and Steels, Volume 4D, 2014

  • Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys, Volume 4E, 2016

The expanded coverage on heat treatment, from the single volume, Heat Treating (ASM Handbook, Volume 4, 1991), is a fitting reflection from the 1913 origins of ASM International as the Steel Treaters Club, formed by Detroit blacksmith William Park Woodside.

This Volume is an enormous effort by subject matter experts, members, and staff to provide a useful and reliable reference to the technical community. Like all volumes in the ASM Handbook series, this Volume is possible because of the time and effort of many volunteers, who contribute their expertise and knowledge to help others in solving problems and undertaking work with confidence.We thank the volunteer editors, authors, and reviewers for their time and effort and are indebted to them for their contributions.

Stephen G. Kowalski
Heat Treating Society (2015–2017)
Jon D. Tirpak
ASM International (2015–2016)
Thomas Dudley
Interim Managing Director
ASM International

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